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Hellebore ericsmithii WINTER MOONBEAM

Hellebore ericsmithii WINTER MOONBEAM


This hellebore noted for its ability to produce an abundance of variable white/cream flowers over a prolonged period from mid-winter to mid-spring. Once established, it is tolerant of dry shade, so it is an ideal woodlander, and is perfect for underplanting deciduous trees and shrubs, where it will provide low-growing, early interest before the overhead canopy of leaves emerge. 

  • Pot Size

    Supplied in 3 Litre pot


  • Grows up to


  • Flowering Period

    February to April

  • Position

    Partial shade

  • Characteristics

    Evergreen, variegated. 

  • Additional Information

    Harmful if eaten

    Loooks great planted with ferns, hostas and early flowering bulbs

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