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Plants to Adore

Delivered to your Door.

Flowers Pattern


We genuinely just what our plants to go to good homes bringing a smile and a little joy to those that plant them. So if something is not how you would expect, just get in touch and let us know. 


Quite simply we are "Plant Lovers" and want to share our love of plants with you. With our combined skill set of creativity and problem solving, we have been able to create our dream.....finding the best plants at the best prices and sending them safely to your door.


We pick  and pack everything ourselves, which means that our customers receive the best available. If we are not happy with the quality or standard of any plant, then we simply won’t send it out. In that instance, we would contact you to offer an agreed alternative or a cancellation and refund.

If something is not working or we can see an improvement, we simply just change for the better.


We endeavour to despatch your order as soon as possible, always with the plants best interests at heart. Any urgent requirements or specific dates, we can usually facilitate - please just ask.


We won’t bombard you with marketing emails either. There are simply not enough hours in the day.  We will contact you to keep you updated on things we think you need to know, otherwise, you are unlikely to hear from us. We are confident, if you like what we do and what we have to offer,  you will come to us and we will be here ready to help.


So if all the above resonates with your values too, then try us please. We hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

We are very grateful for the positive feedback we have had from our customers thus far. A genuine and heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who has let us know that we are doing something worthwhile and bringing a little pleasure to you.


We don’t do any social media whatsoever, so you won’t find us on Facebook, Twitter and the like (although there may be others on these platforms using the name “Plant Lovers Garden”, but its not us!)

Plants to Adore 

Delivered to your Door

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