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Image by Hatmi Pratiwi

planting & Care

Watering Can

where to plant

  • Full sun and a well-drained soil are the secrets to success with agapanthus. 

  • Plants are able to cope in a coastal situation and are not fazed by sea winds and salty air. 

  • Agapanthus are drought-tolerant plants and able to cope in a gravel garden that isn’t watered. 

  • Agapanthus tend to flower better if their roots are restricted, so they do well in pots.

how to plant

Plant agapanthus in spring in pots or directly into the garden, ideally at the foot of a south-facing wall or similar, to offer protection in winter. When planting in pots, choose a terracotta pot, which will keep the roots warm in summer. Use a soil-based compost such as John Innes no 2 or 3, and feed plants in spring with a slow release fertiliser.


Newly planted agapanthus need to be watered regularly. This is particularly important for agapanthus in containers, which dry out more quickly than those in the ground. Agapanthus do not like to sit in water-logged soil. If the plants are in pots they will need to be brought undercover in October and they will require very little water until spring.


  • Feed border plants in spring when they start to come into growth with a balanced fertiliser, such as Vitax Q4, Growmore or fish, blood and bone at the manufacturers recommended dose.

  • For containers, use a liquid fertiliser, such as tomato or seaweed feed, diluting according to the instructions on the bottle. Feed fortnightly from April until flowers begin to show colour.


  • On a warm autumn day and before the first frosts, cover the crowns of the hardy deciduous agapanthus with straw, to protect over winter. Leave the foliage uncut as this provides additional winter protection.

  • Some tender, evergreen agapanthus may survive winter, but it’s best to move them indoors in case of severe winter weather. Lift garden plants and pot them up in a cool, light but frost-free place for winter, and move pot-grown agapanthus under cover, too.


Image by Hatmi Pratiwi
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