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Clematis macropetala ROSY O'GRADY

Clematis macropetala ROSY O'GRADY


This deciduous climber charms in mid- to late spring with a flourish of delicate, semi-double flowers featuring pale pink sepals artfully flushed and veined in hues of deeper pink. Creamy stamens peek out from the centre which develop into attractive, fluffy silver seed heads on gently arching stems. A second flush of the charming blossoms may appear in summer, extending the floral display. 

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  • Pot Size

    Supplied in a 3 litre pot
  • Grows up to

    Mature height 2.5m

    Spread 1.5m

  • Flowering Period

    April - June

  • Position

    Any aspect, north-facing ideal

    Tolerates poorer soils and wet but free draining conditions

  • Characteristics

    Deciduous climber


  • Additional Information

    Pruning Group 1


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